Enhancing Leadership Capacity through Emotional Intelligence

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What is EQ, Why does it matter?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a set of emotional and social skills that enable you to express yourself, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges of everyday life and use emotions and information to act.



Social Skills

Stress Management

Decision Making

Technical skills and industry knowledge are important, but EQ is the

cornerstone of

effective leadership.

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The ability to understand, empathize, communicate and inspire will be what sets leaders apart in the

modern workplace

Explore the 15 competencies that determine your ability to use your emotional intelligence



Emotional Expression



Emotional Self-Awareness


Social Responsbility


Interpersonal Relationships


Social Skills

Stress Management

Stress Tolerence


Optimism & Happiness

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Impulse Control

Reality Testing




Open Course

Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence over a Weekend!

The EQ Accelerator is an intensive, action-packed workshop designed for go-getters who want to amplify their emotional intelligence quickly and effectively. This two-day sprint, held over a single weekend, is a condensed version of our renowned 12-week Signature Workshop Series. It is perfect for individuals or employees from various organizations who are ready to dive deep into the world of EQ competencies.

This includes an Emotional Intelligence Assessment by MHS Systems, where your data is normed against a group of high-potential professionals across industries. You are able to discern where you can apply your new knowledge and skills acquired to strengthen your future leadership capacities.

Who is this workshop for?

Our accelerator program is targeted to mid-career professionals, catering to those 5 to 7 years into their leadership-track role.

Next Intake: FALL 2024 (dates coming soon!)

Join us in Vancouver for a 2-day

transformative EQ experience.

We will be announcing our

FALL 2024 dates soon.

Get ready to supercharge your EQ

and unlock your full potential!

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Workshop Flow and Objectives

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Personalized Approach

Begin with an invitation to a private conversation with one of our expert Coaches who will discuss the course, answer any questions you may have and provide you with the link to complete the online EQi2.0 assessment.

Emotional Intelligence - EQ

EQi2.0 Assessment

Complete a comprehensive online assessment before the workshop to understand your current EQ level.

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1:1 Debrief

Receive a personalized report and be invited to a 1:1 session with a coach to prime you for the workshop.

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Care, Convenience and Comfort

Each day will begin at 9:30 with registration and a warm welcome. The formal session begins promptly at 10 am and concludes at 3 pm. A nourishing lunch is included from 12 to 12:45pm.

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Engaging Format

Enjoy a dynamic mix of informative sessions and group discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment, offering you an opportunity to dig in and fully evaluate the EQ competencies to make it your own. This is where you will gain an understanding of how to integrate your new skills for enhanced effectiveness.

Expected Outcomes

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Empowerment through Emotional Intelligence

  • Enhance self-awareness by gaining a deeper understanding of your emotional operations and how they influence your effectiveness.
  • Learn to leverage your emotional intelligence to foster leadership and personal growth.
  • Meet like-minded individuals and expand your professional network.
  • Walk away with actionable insights and strategies that can be applied to your personal and professional life from Monday morning.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

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In today’s dynamic business world, leadership resilience and adaptability are essential. Our EQ workshop series empowers diverse leaders with advanced skills in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, decision-making, and collaboration. Through assessments, goal setting, practice, and feedback, leaders thrive. propelling organizational success.

Let’s work together to empower your EQ Journey for your organisation

Are you a leader, ready to discover your team’s potential by tapping into your collective EQ?

We are ready for you.

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Signature Series

In today's evolving organizational landscape, leadership resilience and adaptability are vital for success. Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshop series empowers leaders from diverse organizations with advanced skills in self-awareness, emotional understanding, intentional-decision making, stress tolerance, enhanced collaboration, and the skills needed for tomorrow's leadership challenges. Through assessments, measurable goals, practice, and feedback, leaders thrive, propelling organizational success.

With our Signature Series, we come into your organization (either on site or virtually) and work exclusively with you and your colleagues. We focus the learning towards challenges unique to your members and your business, creating lasting impact.


At EQ Quest, we cater to diverse organizational needs and preferences with our flexible Emotional Intelligence Signature Workshop Series, offering options between in-person and virtual sessions for a seamless learning experience.

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Virtual Sessions:

Leveraging technology, our virtual sessions empower participants to engage in coaching remotely Ideal for busy schedules, remote workers, and cross-functional teams, these sessions transcend geographical boundaries.

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In-Person Sessions:

Our custom in-person sessions offer immersive experiences, deep discussions, and tangible connections. While incurring extra costs, they provide valuable insights beyond virtual interactions.

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Group Workshops: Elevating Leadership Together

The Group Coaching engagement encompasses:

  • EQ-i 2.0 Evaluation Assessment and Leadership Report: Depending on the program chosen, participants will experience two distinct options for assessments. In the first, participants complete a self-assessment on-line, which forms the basis for their EQ Leadership Report. In the second option, participants engage in a more comprehensive assessment. This multi-rater assessment involves up to 12 individuals from above, below, and beside the participant. These collective insights, combined with the participant's self-assessment, contribute to a more robust EQ Leadership Report. This personalized report offers a comprehensive understanding of emotional intelligence competencies, guiding targeted growth and establishing a strong foundation for the journey ahead.

  • Confidential Debrief and Goal Setting: ICF-certified coaches conduct two 1:1 sessions, marking the program's inception and culmination. Specific, measurable, learning-focused goals are set in personal, professional, leadership, and organizational areas, revisited at the program's conclusion.

  • 8 x 2-hour Group Sessions: Sessions spaced three weeks apart (or tailored to your preference) offer a conducive environment for in-depth exploration. Interactive discussions, real-life scenarios, and collaborative activities delve into emotional intelligence concepts.

Objective and Program Benefits

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Building the Foundation

Grasp the core of emotional intelligence in a business setting, utilizing real-life examples to deepen your understanding and practical use of EQ principles.

Emotional Intelligence - EQ

Demystifying Emotional Intelligence

Break down emotional intelligence into its five key elements: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal Function, Decision-Making, and Stress-Management, for a clear, comprehensive understanding.

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Cultivate Emotional Resilience

Discover how emotional intelligence is crucial for effective leadership. Develop self-awareness and regulation skills to enhance both personal and professional growth, empowering you to handle stress and challenges with emotional resilience.

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Foster Collaborative and Authentic Relationships

Boost your social awareness and relationship management as a leader. Enhance team collaboration, genuine interactions, and effective communication. Apply EQ to foster a work culture ripe for growth and innovation.


Navigate Challenges and Drive Positive Outcomes

Focus on applying emotional intelligence in real-world situations. Merge EQ into your decision-making and problem-solving processes, fostering empathy and strategic thinking, and steering your organization towards tangible success.

Expected Outcomes

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Personal and Professional Growth through Emotional Intelligence

  • Embrace emotional intelligence as the cornerstone of effective leadership.
  • Foster self-awareness and adeptly apply self-regulation techniques.
  • Cultivate heightened social awareness and excel in relationship management.
  • Employ emotional intelligence as a practical guide for decision-making.
  • Enhance communication effectiveness with diverse stakeholders.
  • Navigate conflicts and demanding situations with adeptness and assurance.
  • Foster authentic connections with team members, thus elevating collaboration.


Elevate leaders with a lasting investment in the EQ Quest Emotional Intelligence Signature Workshop Series. Experience transformative growth in emotional intelligence, propelling organizational achievement.

Reach out to us at info@eqquest.com for a complimentary discovery call to explore how our program aligns with your unique organizational goals, and to discuss the best option to meet your leadership development needs.

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Option 1:

  • Comprehensive EQ Assessment
  • Personalized EQ Leadership Report
  • 2 private debrief and goal-setting sessions.
  • 16 hours of engaging group sessions.

Option 2 (includes all of option 1, plus):

  • Enhanced insights with a multi-rater assessment from up to 12 individuals, fostering collaboration, communication, decision making, and organizational culture.

Let’s talk about how EQ Quest aligns with your organizational goals

Meet Your Coaches

We are a dynamic team of UBC Certified Organizational Coaches (COC) and Certified Practitioners of Psychometric Tools EQ-i 2.0 + EQ360, and are credentialled by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at the ACC level. Our collective expertise is a guiding force dedicated to nurturing growth and achieving success through customized coaching partnerships.

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Shobna Kannusamy (she/her)

Founder at Soirette Connections

Shobna is a dynamic visionary, leadership coach, and engineer turned entrepreneur. With 25 years of experience in tech, retail and hospitality, she excels in aligning leaders with their purpose. Her coaching philosophy is rooted in insight, clarity, and fostering authentic leadership through values and self-awareness. Shobna empowers clients to pursue ambitious goals and thrive in their community.

Siobhann Williamson (she/her)

Founder at Firecracker Coaching and Consulting

Siobhann is a life, leadership, and performance coach who collaborates with highly motivated professionals to gain greater awareness of opportunities for growth, to be more effective at work and in life, with focus and accountability. She is a veteran of the MedTech industry with extensive experience in sales and marketing. This provides the context for her person-centered coaching.

Shaneef Karmali (he/him)

Founder at Activate Coaching and Consulting Inc.

With 20+ years of leadership experience, Shaneef’s coaching is rooted in emotional intelligence, leadership development, and leading from a strengths perspective. His expertise in positive psychology and values-driven strategies provides practical leadership insights, empowering clients to excel by embracing their unique strengths, fostering authentic leadership, and navigating their success journey with confidence.

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The soft stuff is always harder than the hard stuff

~ Roger Enrico

Let's work together.

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